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Important Announcement

It is with deep sadness that today, i have to announce the closure of my beautiful studio, Vanessa’s Fitness Factory.

Corona Virus has hit all industries hard and the fitness industry has been completely closed down for the most part of 2020.

I have followed all of the rules regulations and requirements set out by the government to make the studio a covid safe environment, but this in itself caused the studio to run at a loss, class numbers so fiercely restricted and many people understandably wary of going anywhere at all, let alone to a fitness class. Then we had another lockdown, followed by the wonderful tier system, that plonked most of the country into tier three – no fitness classes indoors! And after a 5 day relaxation of the rules at Christmas, we will undoubtedly be back in tier three again.

I will continue to run my Studio Live timetable from my garden studio aka “The Crazy Rave Shed”, with new and exciting workouts, sessions and masterclasses to keep you fit and healthy and i hope that you will continue to workout with me in our current way, which, after many months of testing mixing equipment, laptops, mics, cables.......cables and more cables, trying different setups, web hosts, streaming services etc, we finally now have an absolutely fantastic setup in both Zoom and Facebook Live.

Please understand that I don’t intend to close forever, my intention is to close the physical studio and put everything into storage until the Covid/Coronavirus restrictions are eased and we are allowed to get back to doing what we love, all together. That might have to be two nights a week in a hired room, but it will reopen somehow.

Please don’t feel like this is the end, it’s a necessary, temporary pause to prevent an accumulation of massive debt.

I love you all and it really does tear me apart having to take this path, but it’s not through lack of trying, i am not alone in this, many friends and associates have had to make similar extremely tough decisions, much earlier on.

My sheer determination will ensure we reopen and get back on it in full force as soon as we are allowed.

My Love To You All



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