Just a little observation

Hey lovelies, how are you all doing today?

I went to do my grocery shopping this morning and as i was going round i saw several people i know, which made my day :D i asked how they were and asked after their families, it was nice to speak to others (obviously from a distance) but something that seemed to pop up in three of those conversations was the phrase "oh yeah great! livin the dream!" followed by the eye roll.

I find it sad that a phrase that can be so inspiring and motivating can also be associated with not being happy and being frustrated by the circumstances we are in.

Please make the most of the situation, enjoy the time with your family, get the jobs done that youve been putting off if you have the time and if you are working from home, make sure you take regular breaks and do something totally different.

Remember, we only have one life, so make it a damn good one, even in trying times and harsh circumstances there is sunshine, there are stars to gaze at, and nature is simply beautiful.

Vanessa xxx

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