Lockdown Part 2

Hi guys

Just a little post to say hi and remind you that just because we are entering another lockdown, it doesnt mean that everything stops.

Our full workout timetable has been online now for 7 months, via both Facebook Live and Zoom, so all you need to do is clear your space and log on :D if you just want the workout without the chit chat and social side then Facebook live is great, if you want the 'real class feel' then get yourself logged onto Zoom and enjoy the chatter before class & enjoy the fact that you are working out as part of a group :D

Both platforms are great, the sound quality on Zoom is far better now than its ever been, so use whichever suits you best xxx

If you need the Zoom codes for the sessions, just drop me a message and i will send them over x

Stay Positive, Stay Strong and Together we will stay healthy, fit and well :D

Much Love

Vanessa xxx

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