Good morning to you all, i hope you are all well :D

I am taking a weekend off this weekend to have a brek with my family, so will share lots of workout videos on here to cover the classes you would normally be doing, When i come back on Tuesday, we will be starting back at the studio for the mindfull sessions on the timetable, but we are also now in full swing with the Outdoor Silent Disco Workouts too, so get your places booked for the outdoor sessions which are all posted on the events page, Tuesday and Thursday next week there is Dancefit Groove, Retro/Clubtastic and Kettlebells, there are limited places available and you MUST book in advance, but it is soooo much fun, the sound quality is amazing and it feels fantastic to be exercising in a group outdoors :D

Have a fantastic day guys and i look forward to seeing you in sessions xxx

Love Vanessa

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